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Registration for 2024 is now open!

Registration is closed for 2023

please email

if you still want to join

In order to register for the conference please

Complete Step 1 and "send"


Complete Step 2 to pick your registration option and pay

Student is defined loosely as anyone who is not faculty or principal investigator. Note, that anyone registering as student will be expected to share the room.


If you are faculty and plan to stay only for part of the conference (i.e. three nights or less) then please register as "Student" and pay the reduced fee.

Rooms will be assigned in the new Centro di Scienca e Musica

Please indicate if you have a preferred roommate.

Single rooms are available on request and can be secured by registration under the "Single" option for a fee of $1500. Any additional occupants in such rooms (up to three people) need to register as "students". Children under the age of 12 are free.

Please also include a talk title and the length of your stay in the message text.


To get to Montecastelli Pisano you either need your own (rental) car or you pick the airport shuttle option in the pull down menu. Shuttle return trips needs to be purchased separately.

Best airport to fly into is Florence Airport, Peretola.

If you pick the airport shuttle option we will need your arrival and departure times and dates.

Step 1:

Your details were sent successfully!

Step 2:

Pick one of the options from the pull-down menu below:

All options include breakfast lunch and dinner for the extent of the conference - as well as accommodation in either the new Centro di Scienca e Musica or in Lo Scricciolo.

Click on "Paga adesso" to select payment method - and pay.

Please send a confirmation of your payment to

Airport Shuttle includes pick-up and drop off at Florence airport

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